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Technical Help



We quite often hear from customers:  i have no spark, my ignition coil is bad

When we get those coils into our hands however and test, we invariably find they are absolutely OK.
Now what are the issues behind this?

the first problem is that customers equal the fact that the engine does not start to ignition failure and there suspect the coil. Also they use unsuitable methods to check spark. Please see our information on this here.
the second problem is bad ground. Though all our instructions very clearly write "never rely on the frame as an electrical conductor".  This is never good and nearly always leads to malfunction. Especially in systems with internal sensor imperatively directly connect by screw the brown wire from the stator to the holder of the ignition coil.
the third problem is that the blue switch off (kill) wire from the ignition coil (in some cases advance unit) has ground - because of wrong wiring, defective main switch, defective battery (if there is a relay) or the wire having somewhere on its way from the coil to the main switch or the relay a short to ground. Therefore in case of troubles, always disconnect the blue wire for test directly at the coil.
finally we have often cases of badly fitted high tension wires and/or defective spark plug caps and plugs
in next to no case however is the ignition coil defective, whatever you think at start.