Powerdynamo, engine revs though throttle has been closed

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  • my engine does not return to idle when i close the throttle.

We frequently get such questions and again and again customers are sure, ignition is faulty.
Now, where does the engine take its power from, spark or petrol (gas)?
Sure, without spark engine will not work, but a spark alone can never drive a piston. This only the compressed ignited petrol-air mix can.

If now the engine does not rev down (thougth the throttle really moves to closing position) there must be some way for the petrol mix to enter the cylinder. This way has to be found and blocked. The ignition has nothing to do with it.
  • my engine continues to run, even though i have switched it off

also this question from time to time pops up.
Here first step would be to ckeck whether ignition is really in switch off mode. Very often missing ground in the switch off wiring (such as kill switches sitting on powder coated handlebars, or handlebars sitting on powdercoated frames) or a wrongly wired or defective (though extremely rare) relay are the reason. Without that good ground gets connected to the blue kill wires, it will not stop ignition.

If ground is really connected (in switch off mode) to the blue wire, than it may be some internal problem in the ignition coil/advance unit where the blue wire is connected to (but this is extremely rarely the case).

Also it may be that the piston top is carbonised and this carbon glows, thereby igniting the mix. Check piston here.

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