Powerdynamo und Kellermann LED with integrated tail/stoplight

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We had a customer using Kellermann LED flasher with integrated tail/stoplight  on an MZ ETZ with Powerdynamo system who  experienced repeated destruction of the LED lights after a short lifespan despite existance of a battery in the vehicle.

After using our alternative regulator with integrated smoothing condenser and suppressor diodes from Kellermann the problem was no longer observed.

Unfortunately this customer has so far not been able/willing to supply us with some more detailed information on his setup.


We have not been able to reproduce a situation where our standard regulator delivers voltage high enough to destroy the LED, even without battery not.

The solution with the regulator with integrated condenser is difficult to understand, as the battery has a much bigger capacity than the condenser inside the regulator.

We therefore assume, that:

  • either there was bad wiring leading to intermitened disconnection of the battery during engine run which could result in voltage bursts - which surely would be smoothened by the alternative regulator.
  • or the customer had assembled a wire from the LED arrangement directly next to and in parallel to the high tension cable leading to the spark plug. On the ETZ a probable situation

    NEVER ever lead ANY impulse wire directly in parallel to the ignition cable (HT cable)
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