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customer informs: "The delivered rotor does not fit"

Sometimes a customer, after merely looking at his new Powerdynamo rotor and quickly trying to set it to his engine, jumps to the conclusion that it can not fit his engine.
After some time however in most cases he finds that he was wrong, the rotor fits. What happens here?

The most frequent mistake is that the customer forgets to remove the woodruff (or pin), thereby preventing the rotor to come to sit correctly.
Most of our systems do not use the woodruff arrangement. For why and why this is not a problem see here.

Also, often customers are confused by the fact that the opening diameter in the rotor taper of their original (stock) flywheel differs to what they see on the new Powerdynamo rotor.  It is however in the nature of a taper that its width changes with depth.

Have a look at the picture here. Same shaft, same position of the flywheel (left ours, right a stock one) - still entry diameter of the shaft´s tapered opening differs a lot (19mm <> 22mm) in this example here.  (click picture to enlarge)

Third mistake leading to the conclusion that the rotor does not fit is that the new Powerdynamo flywheel is placed onto the original stator. This in most cases will prevent the rotor from sitting correctly on the shaft as it will hit something of the old stator.

Please know, that even if it would be possible to fit the new rotor over the original stator, this arrangement would never work. Stator and rotor form one system and can not be mixed.

(click picture to enlarge)

Having explained all this we have to state however also, that it surely may also be that a rotor does really not fit due to error of type or mistake in delivery.
There exists quite a lot or room for error in old motorcycles.

When you feel that a rotor does not fit, please do not only report us  "does not fit". Such general words tell us nothing. Please see for more information on the issue of "does not fit".

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