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 rights on pictures send to powerdynamo

Finding which Powerdynamo replacement system will fit what engine is not an easy task. Photos of the situation can help a lot making the right choice. Imperative are pictures when we talk about new systems we are asked to make and of great help for improving assembly instructions are photos showing the installation.

So customer photos help a lot, for the customer concerned and future customers.

Unfortunately, it happens at times (for whatever reasons) that customers forbid us to make use of their pictures on our websites. As a result those pictures become worthless as might be our work invested in the matter.

We therefore ask customers we ask for pictures or who send us pictures without us having asked for to read  this text here and to allows us to irrevocably use their pictures without restrictions. We want this confirmed please by email.

All pictures used by us will be anonymised.
We will not use pictures where persons are recognisable. Also we would pixel possibly visible vehicle number plates. We will not name the source (neither by name nor mail address), even if asked to.

Customers who can not accept this policy should please not send us pictures, possibly however with the effect that we will than not be able to fulfill their request for fitting replacement material.
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