Powerdynamo, ignition problems when lights are switched on

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customer reports: in town, with engine idling, when putting side indicators on I get ignition trouble. If i switch headlights off before, all is ok.

relates only to systems with switch off relay

Ignition circuit and lighting circuit are actually separated, BUT via the switch off relay (so there is) they are connected.

Is the battery not at her best and engine is in idling only and you have big consumers (H4 lights and strong 21 side indicators) voltage will drop and it may happen that the relay switches off or vibrates due to undervoltage, creating the mentioned problems.

Normally the battery would buffer this, but if bad and/or too small and/or not well charged due to lots of slow town travel it can not do so.

We suggest:
Reduce power needs. Set side indicators to 10W (all Japanese bikes have 10W), use lower wattage headlight - and check/change your battery.